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100 Sentences About Victoria Paracelsus

If she spent much time in fandom, she'd probably write over-dramatic hundred page epics in which all the likable characters realize that the resident tragic antivillain is Terribly Misjudged. Most of the "Prodigium manifestos" floating around the internet are fakes, of varying degrees of verisimilitude. All her supervillain outfits include some form of body armor. She made enough money marketing her designs for armored corsets to pay for the San Alberto government offices' internet and AC installation. The one blood relative Vick gives a damn about is an aunt she hasn't seen since grade school.

Sometimes Victoria wishes she had more appreciation for extreme forms of music, but the hardest genre she likes much is gothic metal. Before Vick's dad decided theater was a hotbed of homosexual propaganda, her Aunt Judith took her to all the musicals the Bitterroot Community Center put on. If Victoria truly believed that no one had ever suffered like she had, she'd be on better terms with the world. She doesn't consciously consider Siegfried a father figure (among other factors, he's insufficiently judgmental). Vick learned to cook from Siegfried and Shoshi, and consequently a large proportion of her repertoire consists of Central European classics and vegetarian-kosher international fusion.

Victoria had plenty of opinions, but she was too busy with her classes, work, and experimenting with her powers to do much student activism. However, she did go to a few events when Galatea wanted someone tall and ambulatory around. The one time Victoria was formally brought to justice, it was to answer for the crimes of a shape-shifting power duplicator. Her telepathy-blocking laurel wreath accessory was based on tech stolen from a Lebensborn agent, although his version wasn't as pretty. To be worthy of the name, martinis should be gin-based and contain discernable amounts of vermouth.

At NPU, Vick invented the Caribbean Missile Crisis - based on a Stinger, but with a light rum instead of cognac. During her time in Prodigium, Daemonette broke the news that Vick's version of Moroccan tea wasn't authentically Moroccan - Vick makes hers less bitter, less sweet, and mintier. The attempt at Clockwork Orangeing her into a boy left her with a lingering subconscious aversion to pink. She hasn't cut her hair since she learned to fix split ends with her powers. For a supervillainess, Victoria dresses quite modestly.

More than once, Victoria has bribed her way out of trouble with her healing abilities. She can sew the conventional way, but she prefers to use natural fabric and manipulate it to the appropriate shape with her powers. The only non-functional piece of jewelry that Victoria wears regularly and didn't make herself is an amber and braided wire bracelet Galatea gave her when they were students. Victoria would bitterly deny it - if nothing else, she'd hate the term - but she's a bit prone to manpain. However, she is aware that many other people have had it worse, and in her more self-aware moments she tries not to make larger issues all about herself.

Some of her exotic organic technology was inspired by science fiction. She could feel the life around her before she could do anything with it. Even when she's a villain, Victoria dislikes hurting "good guys" she considers genuinely heroic, as opposed to merely respectable. At times, Victoria has contemplated marketing non-contagious versions of some of her fast-acting, non-lethal bioweapons to aspiring malingerers. Victoria's competent enough with them when she needs to be, but she doesn't really like inorganic computers.

She had her first doctorate before she broke herself of the habit of asking her dining companions if they were going to finish their leftovers. Meeting Siegfried was the high point of her otherwise rather traumatic adolescence. Between leaving home at sixteen and first attending NPU when she was almost twenty, Victoria had a few years filled with the less fun kinds of excitement. Victoria doesn't make a big deal out of her Freudian Excuse (other than a vague "I have seen the cruelties of the world firsthand"), because she doesn't want her political message to be reduced to one woman's sob story. Even if it's made her life harder at times, Victoria is thankful for her strong sense of who she is.

She's not religious, but when she wishes to invoke a deity she leans toward dark goddesses. Between her own teenage misadventures and those of her friends, Victoria encountered a fairly complete catalog of the hazards of being a young trans woman in distressed circumstances in late twentieth century America. Before she went to college, Victoria was a bit of a misandrist (although willing to make exceptions), but encountering transphobic feminist scholars and her developing mutant consciousness turned this to cynicism about humanity in general. If she hadn't been a supervillain, Victoria would probably have won a Nobel Prize for at least one of her projects. Victoria has never made any money off her HIV vaccine, since she signed the formula over to the government of San Alberto.

She has food issues - not in the eating disorder sense, but in the "we're down to the last jar of peanut butter, oh Kali we're going to starve!" sense. Before she met Siegfried, Victoria could cook a little, but her skills were more oriented towards making something edible with $1.50 worth of discount groceries and one pot than haute cuisine. When she plays go, Victoria generally picks white - not for strategic reasons, but because she can control shell but not slate. Victoria's more bothered by the way her jerk-universe self treats Galatea and her allies than by her blatant fantastic racism. Perhaps surprisingly, most of Victoria's eviler alternates don't wear notably skimpier clothes.

She did her own SRS, with the aid of a few strategically placed mirrors and some extra-strength ibuprofen - she saved the narcotics for when she was done with the fiddly fleshcrafting. Siegfried taught her to play chess, but she isn't very good. Victoria learned her first telepathy-blocking techniques from Galatea when they were roommates - if Galatea got sick and started projecting her symptoms, she wanted Vick to be able to block her out. At Hogwarts, Vick would either be a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin who didn't get along very well with her housemates. In the right light, her hair has a slight beetle-green gleam to it.

If she was religious, she'd probably be some kind of pagan. Hacking her own brain, whether to reduce her need for sleep or increase her psychic resistance, has never turned out well. Her base in San Alberto had a shark pool, complete with bioengineered sharks capable of shooting force beams, but Victoria never used to sharks to successfully execute anyone. It sometimes amazes her that Galatea isn't more of a misanthrope. She can subtly alter her body chemistry to make herself smell inedible to mosquitoes.

When she was still a student, Victoria learned to manipulate her hormones, sober herself up, and cure hangovers. Victoria sees monster movies as tragedies. Very devout Christians make her nervous, even if they're perfectly nice people. Even without using her powers, Vick's a good gardener - her only real shortcoming is her soft spot for sufficiently interesting weeds. Once she has the free time and the resources, Victoria wants to make a biopunk airship.

Victoria's built two living submarines - the first is still operational, but since its organic components can only survive in warm salt water, she's never taken it out of the Caribbean. Her second sub can handle Puget Sound. She has spoken with Rena's biological father - despite the fraught circumstances, he seemed honestly happy to learn that his daughter was doing well. There was a time in her childhood when she wanted the Addams Family to adopt her. Oriental lilies, chrysanthemums, and orchids are her favorite flowers.

In WoD, she'd be a slightly less creepy than usual Tzimisce. Victoria is a Scorpio. She likes Elric, but doesn't feel particularly maternal toward him. Moroccan tea is her favorite overall, but she drinks more Earl Grey and masala chai in the winter. Lazarus normally calls her Queen Vicky.

She can make elaborate Asian-style fruit carvings without a knife. Victoria once tried to have a philosophical discussion with Iron Enforcer about Deep Inner Pain and well-intentioned extremism, but he was more interested in manly glaring and trying to shoot her. When she was president of San Alberto, Vick made it a priority to stay on good terms with the non-mutant locals. Her favorite Christmas song - and one of the few she likes at all - is Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells. The last time Victoria voluntarily set foot in a church, it was to attend a production of Handel's Messiah.

Galatea taught her to use chopsticks. It's not her favorite poem - her usual tastes are more old-fashioned - but 'somewhere i have never traveled, glady beyond' by e.e. cummings always reminds her of Galatea. Victoria speaks Atlantean - she had Celeste teach it to her telepathically when she became president of San Alberto. She'll never have anyone in Prodigium she finds actively obnoxious - her first and only attempt at "putting aside personal feelings for the sake of the Cause" led to more death threads and superpowered hissy fits than were strictly comfortable. More than one of Victoria's minions has quit and taken up a life of respectability after Victoria helped them solve their power incontinence issues.

Twenty years later, the shrink who'd tried to de-girlify Victoria during her childhood was caught hiring a nineteen year old transgendered escort with someone else's credit card number. When she adopted Rena, Victoria didn't think of herself as ideal mom material, but she thought any non-abusive parent willing to deal with Rena's powers was preferable to life in a lab. If she wasn't completely incapacitated, Victoria would probably handle acquiring a physical disability better than she'd take permanently losing her powers. She finds mutants with unusual appearances attractive, but this hasn't affected her dating habits, since she's been Galatea-sexual since her early twenties. Among her fellow supervillains, Vick only really gets along well with fellow affably evil and noble demon types - having extralegal goals and interests in no reason to indulge in petty viciousness.

She doesn't coo over slugs and such the way Galatea does, but Victoria's standards of cuteness are pretty liberal. To demonstrate her power, she once made the entire United States Senate sneeze at the same time. If she's at liberty to do it properly, Victoria enjoys designing her elaborate villain bases. Even since she adopted Rena and Shiro, Victoria's done her big mid-winter celebration on Japanese New Year. If her kids become superheroes, Victoria won't object, as long as they don't work for the government.

In D&D terms, her alignment is difficult to determine, as she has traits of Chaotic Neutral and "villain with standards"-style Lawful Evil. Victoria's sometimes thought that Galatea would be better parent material. At one point, Prodigium's major source of income was the money OPEC paid Victoria not to make her compost-to-hydrocarbon process public. Prodigium faced a surprising amount of international opposition during their brief tenure as rulers of North Korea - it turns out that, however unpopular the preceding regime, and however unobjectionable their own conduct while in office, many people just can't accept Western supervillains taking over East Asian countries. She had Celeste design her a Dictator Outfit - stylish in a militaristic sort of way, but personalized and not nation-specific.

The closest she came to a classic supervillain god-complex was the aftermath of her first successful attempt to recreate an extinct life form. Victoria can use her ability to sense vital signs as a sort of polygraph. While she realizes that she's hardly the person to be giving lectures on healthy ways of dealing with negative emotions, sometimes Vick worries what's going to happen to Galatea's repressed anger and frustration. Because she only likes coffee when it's made by Naomi Lovelace or Siegfried, but, as a scientist, has a high requirement for caffeine, she invented Supertea. She can play the piano fairly well.


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