Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει

All true wealth is biological

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Name: Victoria Promethea Paracelsus. Metamorphosis is her nom de guerre, Doctor Metamorphosis if she's feeling very Silver Age.
Her birth name is Isaiah Nicholson, but nobody calls her that but her Aunt Judith.
Powers: biokinesis/biological manipulation. Which covers a lot involving living or once-living matter.
Sign: Scorpio.
Alignment: difficult to determine, since her villain persona has traits of Chaotic Neutral and mild Lawful Evil. The Heel Face Revolving Door complicates things. When working towards something constructive, she's generally antiheroic Chaotic Good.
Ethnicity: Irish, Welsh, Georgian (Nicholson is an Anglicization of Nikoladze), Cigani (Serbian Roma).
Religion: secular.
Appearance: 5'11", statuesque, long black hair (below the waist) with a greenish tinge in certain lights, intense green eyes, very fair skin with a tendency to freckle slightly in the summertime. Good looking in an intimidating sort of way. Wears mostly black and jewel tones.
Voice: difficult-to-trace American accent, more Pacific Northwestern than anything, although this can shift around a bit when she's in rant mode. She uses a fair amount of Gratuitous German when she's frustrated. Lower-mid-range alto voice - deeper than average, but on the side of sultry rather than manly.
Mannerisms: normally fairly dignified, although she's very expressive when she has strong feelings about her subject. Quite dramatic when she's getting her supervillain on.
Supernatural: reads as a powerful human.
Mental/emotional: intense and full of feelings. She thinks with lots of bold and italics and CAPITAL LETTERS, or the psychic equivalents thereof. She's very smart, although not always sensible or particularly emotionally stable. She's been through some hard times, and has a bundle of unresolved issues and hostility simmering below the surface, but her current mental state is mostly positive.
In-universe contact info: Fearless.Leader@gosa.gov.rt


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