Πάντα ῥεῖ καὶ οὐδὲν μένει

All true wealth is biological

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What can Vick do?
Lots of things! At this journal's default "now" (when she's thirty-five), she can:

* Sense the vital signs of living creatures
* Perform scalpel-free surgery - everything from facelifts to SRS to bonesetting
* Influence natural biological functions (growth, immune system, body temperature regulation, blood clotting, hormones, etc.)
* Manipulate plant growth and control living plants
* Make cosmetic changes to physical appearance
* Manipulate hair (there's a reason she doesn't have more of a problem with split ends and knots)
* Psychically control body fluids - her own or others'
* Muscle control (from people puppetry to curing hiccups)
* Bone control/manipulation
* Tzimesce-ish fleshcrafting
* Control breathing and heart rate (self or others)
* Accelerate natural healing process, stop bleeding, prevent/remove scarring
* Immobilize someone by controlling muscles and nerves
* Influence growth of microorganisms (fighting infections, making yogurt)
* Manipulating nerves and neurochemistry - crude mood alteration, putting people to sleep, hallucinatory sensations.
* Decorative fruit carving without a knife, peeling vegetables
* "meat origami"
* Wood manipulation - the greener and less processed the wood, the easier
* Sticking people to wooden walls
* Manipulation of ivory, coral, etc.
* Muscle/tissue manipulation of dead organisms (zombie puppets). The more surviving cells, the better.
* Telekinetic control of living/once-living matter, which led to:
* Levitation/flight: this is quite new. She was flinging around a bunch of coral sand, and thought "If I can do that to this stuff, I should be able to do it to myself!"
* Enhance or weaken superpowers (mutant or otherwise) with a physiological component (like Tomo's healing factor).
* Control and repair the organic technology she builds.
* Limited ability to reproduce mutant or other superpowers with a physiological basis.

She tried manipulating her brain chemistry to allow her to go without sleep for days on end, but it didn't end well.

"Biokinesis" is actually two different mechanisms - manipulation of biological processes and telekinetic control of organic matter - that she's integrated and uses as one, very versatile power, although her bio-manipulation is stronger than her TK (which is why she finds it easier to move around living than dead things - it draws on the stronger aspects of her abilities.)

Projects she's done a substantial amount of work on (not necessarily completed alone) include: a biotech computer that can run Tetris (and various security systems), a living luxury submarine made out of, among other things, bioengineered manipulated coral (lift this, Magneto!), a drug to trigger latent mutations, bioengineered laser sharks, bioengineered small pterosaurs, a working (although not equally effective for all strains of the virus) AIDS vaccine (which she used to bribe her way out of some potential awkwardness with the authorities), mass-produced spider silk, et cetera. Her overall career has an approximately three to one ratio of cool to useful.

She and Galatea can enhance each other's powers if they team up. This has the potential to be really cool and very awkward, given what their combined personal neuroses could get up to with access to amped-up versions of both women's power sets.

Who would win in a fight - Vick or Magneto?
This would depend on several factors: both parties' condition and place in their timeline, the terrain and available materials, who won initiative, whether Magneto's resistance to psychic attacks extends to biokinesis, and so on. But probably Magneto, just because he's used to operating with much greater volume and range.
However, she'd have a decent chance of taking him out if she could get the drop on him and he couldn't resist or block it. Single living opponents are one of her strong points.

Victoria or Wolverine?
Assuming that Wolvie didn't just run her through when she was still processing "this strange small hairy man wants to kill me," Victoria. Her range is much greater, and she could turn down his healing factor for long enough to mess him up pretty thoroughly.

Victoria or Squirrel Girl?
Vick knows her limits. :P


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